Asheville Workshop

Asheville Workshop


2 day workshop, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

Learn about what makes a successful painting, with an emphasis on expressive brushwork and a bold palette. David will help bring out your innate abilities to foster a unique style that is distinctly yours. The workshop will take place in his Asheville studio, Warehouse Studios, in the River Arts District. You’ll immerse yourself in a great couple days of painting and also enjoy the great city of Asheville and all it has to offer.

Warehouse Studios: 170 Lyman St, Asheville, NC 28801

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Studio Workshop Testimonials

I'm a newbie, three-year acrylic painter and because of my love of David Skinner’s work I jumped at the chance to take a two-day workshop with him in his Asheville studio. It was worth every penny and effort I made to attend. David as a person and as an artist is the warmest, most easygoing, friendly, passionate, and enjoyable person. He is completely forthcoming and generous about all he has learned. Additionally, he easily talks about how he is challenged and continues to learn even after 30 years of painting. He is naturally patient, genuinely humble, and treats everyone with care and respect regardless of where you are on your painting path. I really believe that regardless of how long or short a time you have been painting, David would serve you well as a teacher.

David is not a “should” teacher. He’ll share his process with you and in a detailed way tell you what he is thinking as he makes his painting decisions, while simultaneously encouraging you to find your own painting voice. (Part of the class included his demo-ing how he paints, which was wonderful to observe.) David encourages you to experiment and find your own painting fingerprint. His class is a great mix of lecture and slides and hands-on painting time. In this small group format, he was very responsive to focusing on some of the areas attendees wanted to learn about—not locked into his personal agenda and willing to tailor it to the students’ interest. 

This whole experience was a delight. I’m looking forward to working on what I have learned from David and hope to continue to attend workshops with him in the future. On a scale of 1–10, this was easily a 15. Thanks ever so much, David!

– Mary Jamieson, NC


As someone who can barely draw a straight line, not to mention or even think about painting a landscape, I thought this experience was a blast. My partner has some talent, and she enjoyed learning some techniques from David. While I slopped around on my canvas, David would come over and turn my mess into a work of art. David is an amazing artist, but more importantly, he is a kind and patient artist who loves what he does and loves sharing it with us. At the end of it all, my partner painted a beautiful landscape, and somehow, despite my best efforts, I actually ended with a painting signed by me that I would put up on the wall. A great experience for beginners or those with some talent. Highly recommended.

– Mark, TX

David’s class was exceptional. I was able to walk away with some new skills and insights. As a teacher he was very present and informative as well as hands on. David’s painting style is colorful and loose, which I admire and was trying for years to head in that direction with my own painting. I was never able to find a teacher with both his level of experience and style who was teaching. It was a pure joy for me to experience his class. Some teachers talk, some teachers underwhelm, some teachers are not at the top of their own game: David is a master of his style, at the top of his game, and a fabulous teacher. A sure bet for any level of artist to take their art to a new level or just plain have fun losing themselves to the moment in a myriad of colors!

– Vanessa, NC


I wholeheartedly recommend David Skinner’s workshop. He truly is a combination of wonderful painter and great teacher! He really knows how to listen to his students, and he tailored the workshop to our learning needs. His down-to-earth, approachable personality made it easy for us to ask for what we needed.

David gave specific feedback on our paintings and always told us what he liked as well as how to improve. I really appreciated how transparent he is about his own painting process, including sharing how part of his process is to keep exploring until he sees something he likes. While he shared his own methods without holding back, he also inspired me to continue to explore my own ways of painting.

David will make sure you leave his workshop with a painting you are happy with and new skills and inspiration to go forward and create more on your own!

– Meredith Adler, NC